John M. Williamson

John Williamson, 9th Street Communications

John works with clients he believes in. His passion is attention to detail. 

With an extensive background in sales and marketing, John’s strength is telling your story and delivering the overall message effectively because that’s what he’s done throughout his career. Whether it be a Fortune 500 company, an industry leader in publishing and media or a small business looking to get the next level, he’s used his passion and experience to get the job done.

John’s background is complex. As a collegiate athlete and captain of the swim team at the University of Maryland, he learned that he is a natural at setting goals and blowing them out of the water. Immediately after college he went into sales while continuing to train in the pool with the goal of competing in Olympic Trials. In 2000, he realized many of his goals when he took a job at Rodale’s Swimmer Magazine, joined the New York Athletic Club and competed in the 2000 Olympic Trials.

At Swimmer Magazine, John’s main responsibility was Advertising Sales, covering much of the United States. His passion for writing expanded his role into editorial, and his passion for compelling writing coupled with knowledge or the sport made him a valuable asset to the publication.

In 2001, John would take his sales and writing talents to AOL Time Warner, where he would work for Ski Magazine and would also contribute to Skiing, Yachting, Motorboating and Salt Water Sportsman. There he combined his talents effectively in sales and marketing while sharping the creativity in his communication skills.

In 2002, John moved to Australia because of his love for the country and his desire to experience the sport of swimming in a different culture. There he was able to train and compete along side some Australia’s great swimmers, while also developing an appreciation for the cultural differences in sales and marketing.

After returning to the United States in 2003, John went to work for the Pharmaceutical industry. He sharpened his selling skills while working for AstraZeneca and Barr Laboratories. “Working in that field was incredibly valuable. It really opened some great opportunities to learn more about communications and customer needs,” says John.

With his extensive background in sales and marketing along with his passion for writing, John was a natural fit for 9th Street Communications. At 9th Street, John’s focus is clients that he has a shared background with such as sports and fitness, new technology and start-up businesses. He is a member of sports marketing organizations, U.S. Masters Swimming and New York Tech Meetup.

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